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2023-24 All State Festivals

A heartfelt thank you to the guest conductors for their musical leadership and for programming the following titles this year.




Dr. Andrew Crane headshot

Dr. Andrew Crane

Utah All State

October 7

North Carolina Honors

November 5

Dr. Ryan Person headshot

Dr. Ryan Person

South Dakota All State

October 28


from Illuminare

Utah All State

"Awake my soul"

Dr. Ryan Beeken headshot

Dr. Ryan Beeken

Iowa All State

November 18

Utah All State

October 7

"Awake my soul"

Dr. Gary Packwood headshot

Dr. Gary Packwood

Nebraska All State

November 18

New York All State

December 3

Dr. Cameron Weatherfo headshot

Dr. Cameron Weatherford

Louisiana Treble All State 

November 18

Dr. Lynne Gackle headshot

Dr. Lynne Gackle

Florida Mixed All State

January  13

Tim Seelig headshot

Tim Seelig

Oregon All State

January 13


from Illuminare

Dr. Amanda Quist headshot

Dr. Amanda Quist

New Mexico Mixed All State

January 13


Dr. Julie Yu

Alaska All State 

November 18

Image 1.jpg

María Guinand

Missouri All State

January 27


Dr. Arian Khaefi

New Mexico Treble All State

January 13


Dr. Marques Garrett

Maryland All State

February 25

Dr. Pearl Shangkuan headshot

Dr. Pearl Shangkuan

Oklahoma Treble

January 20

Maine All State

May 18

Dr. Z Randall Stroope headshot

Dr. Z. Randall Stroope

Oklahoma Mixed

January 20

Dr. Hilary Apfelstadt headshot

Dr. Hilary Apfelstadt

Ohio All State

February 3


Dr. Jeffery Murdock

Texas TB All State

February 10

Dr. Jessica Napoles headshot

Dr. Jessica Nápoles

Minnesota All State

February 17

Dr. Lynda Hasseler headshot

Dr. Lynda Hasseler

Nevada All State


Dr. Jamie Hillman headshot

Dr. Jamie Hillman

Connecticut All State

April 6


Dr. Allen Hightower

Tennessee All State 

April 13

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