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Illuminare Hagenberg

Illuminare is Elaine’s first extended work, consisting of five movements for SATB chorus and chamber orchestra. Using lesser-known sacred Latin, Greek, and English texts, the piece takes us through a season of beauty and goodness that has been disrupted by darkness and confusion. But as Light gradually returns, hope is restored, illuminating our future and guiding us in peace.

Duration: 24 minutes


Chamber Orchestra Instrumentation:

flute, oboe, horn in F (2)

percussion (2), piano


Strings and Percussion Instrumentation:

percussion (2), piano

strings ( min.)

SATB Chorus and Piano accompaniment

Texts and Translation

Texts and Translations


St. Ambrose (340-397)

Splendor paternae gloriae,

de luce lucem proferens,

lux lucis et fons luminis,

diem dies illuminans.

Splendor of God's glory,
brings forth light from light,
light of light, light's living spring,

Day, all days illuminates.


Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)

Caritas abundat in omnia,

de imis excellentissima

super sidera,
atque amantissima in omnia,

Quia summo regi

osculum pacis dedit.

Love abounds in all,
from the depths most excellent

to beyond the stars,
and loving toward all,
she has given the highest king

the kiss of peace.

3. NOX​

traditional Greek

Kyrie eleison. Christe eleison.

Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy.

Aurelius Prudentius Clemens (348-413)

Nox et tenebrae et nubila,

confusa mundi et turbida

Caligo terrae scinditur

percussa solis spiculo

Night and darkness and fog,

confused world and turmoil

dark gloom tears the earth

beats and stabs the sun


Pope Gregory (540-604)

Ecce jam noctis tenuatur umbra,

Lux et auroræ rutilans coruscat: Supplices rerum Dominum canora Voce precemur:

Ut reos culpæ miseratus, omnem Pellat angorem, tribuat salutem,

Donet et nobis bona sempiternae Munera pacis.

Behold, already night and shadows taper off

Light and dawn sparkle and quiver
We humbly beg the Lord through song
Our voices pray:

Though we are guilty, view us with compassion Banish anguish, bestow health
Grant us everlasting goodness
Give us peace.

John 14:27

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.


Canticle of Zechariah (Luke 1:68-79)

Illuminare his qui in tenebris
et in umbra mortis sedent:
ad dirigendos pedes nostros in viam pacis.

Illuminate those in darkness
and in the shadow of death sit
direct our footpath in the way of peace.

Upcoming Performances

Upcoming Performances

Fall 2023

October 3: Choirs of Keller High School with the Keller Civic Chorus and Keller High School String Orchestra conducted                       by Zach Steele and Erin Schmidt, Keller, TX

October 10: Cornell College Choirs with Mount Vernon High School Concert Choir conducted by Dr. Christopher                                  Nakielski, Mount Vernon, IA

October 12: Chorale Acadienne conducted by Rusty Roden, Lafayette, LA 

October 15: Northwestern Michigan College Grand Traverse Chorale, Chamber Singers, and First Congregational                                 Church Sanctuary Choir with guest conductor Dr. Pearl Shangkuan, Traverse City, MI

November 3: Manchester Symphony Orchestra and Chorale, The CT State Manchester Choir and Middletown High                            School Choirs conducted by Dr. Carolina Flores, Manchester, CT

November 3: Southern Kentucky Choral Society and Western Kentucky University Choir and Orchestra conducted by                         Dr. Paul Hondorp, Bowling Green, KY

November 5: Lovers Lane Friends of Music conducted by Jimmy Emery, Dallas, TX

November 5: Hyde Park United Methodist Church, conducted by Dr. Michael Dougherty, Tampa, FL

November 5: Strawbridge United Methodist Church Chancel Choir and Orchestra conducted by Reverend Lindsay                              Smith, Kingwood, TX

November 12: The Evergreen Chorale and Colorado Christian University Choirs, conducted by Christine.                                                  Gaudreau, Denver, CO

November 12: Ridgefield Chorale conducted by Daniela Sikora, Danbury, CT 

November 14: Buncombe All-County Honors Chorus guest conductor Dr. Jami Rhodes, Asheville, NC

November 27: Temple University Singing Owls conducted by Dr. Rollo Dilworth, Philadelphia, PA

November 30: Wytheville Community College Choir conducted by Cynthia Jackson, Hillsville, Virginia

December 2 & 3: Carolina East Singers conducted by Susan Gillis Bailey, Morehead City, NC

December 3: Bella Musica Chorus conducted by Olesia Castuera, Berkeley, CA

December 7: Wytheville Community College Choir conducted by Cynthia Jackson, Wytheville, Virginia

December 8 & 9: Carolina Concert Choir conducted by Michael Lancaster, Hendersonville, NC

December 8 & 10: Central Virginia Masterworks Chorale conducted by Dr. Ryan Tibbetts, Richmond & Ashland, VA

December 15, 16, 17: Summit Choral Society Metropolitan Chorus, conducted by Dr. Britt Cooper, Akron, OH

December 17: Cambridge Community Chorus conducted by Dr. Pamela Mindell, Cambridge, MA

December 17: Corvallis Repertory Singers, conducted by Dr. Steven M. Zielke, Corvallis, OR

December 17: Johnson County Community Chorus conducted by Dr. Sheri Cook-Cunningham, Overland Park, KS

December 17: Saint Paul United Methodist Church conducted by Paul Robinson, Lincoln, NE

Spring 2024

February 4: University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers, Aurora Voce, and Acoustic Theory with the Saskatoon                                Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dr. Jennifer Lang, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

February 23: Chicago Master Singers with the Metropolis Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dr. John Hughes,                                    Chicago, IL

February 24: Greenwich Choral Society conducted by Dr. Christine Howlett, Greenwich, CT

March 22: Peninsula Cantare conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Benson, Palo Alto, CA

March 24: St. John’s Chancel Choir conducted by Andrew Paulson, Lansdale, PA 

March 24: First Congregational Church Ann Arbor, MI conducted by Ben Gaughran

April 6: Carnegie Hall with National Concerts conducted by Bruce Rogers, New York, NY

April 13: Carnegie Hall with MidAmerican Productions conducted by Dr. Beth Wilson, New York, NY

April 15: Carnegie Hall with Manhattan Concert Productions conducted by Dr. Ronnie Oliver, Jr., New York, NY

April 19: Lake Nona High School Singers with the Bach Festival Orchestra conducted by Justin Chase, Winter Park, FL

April 20: Jackson Choral Society conducted by Zach Young, Jackson, TN

April 28: Greenville Choral Society and New Carolina Sinfonia conducted by Dr. Andrew Roby, Greenville, NC

April 28: Fresno Master Chorale conducted by Dr. Anna Hamre, Clovis, CA

May 5: Eglinton St. George’s United Church Choir conducted by Shawn Grenke, Toronto, Canada

May 18: Mission Peak Chamber Singers conducted by Dr. Corie Brown, Fremont, CA

May 19: The Willimantic Orchestra and Consonare Community Choir conducted by Scott Chaurette, Willimantic, CT

May 19 & 22: Singers Companye conducted by Dr. Samuel Gordon, Akron, OH

May 25: Carnegie Hall with MidAmerican Productions conducted by Dr. Andrew Roby, New York, NY

May/June: Choeur Muzaïque conducted by Gaël Florens, Avignon, France

June 1: University of Saskatchewan’s Greystone Singers and Aurora Voce with Acoustic Theory conducted by Dr.                                 Jennifer Lang, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY

June 1: Lake Grove Presbyterian Church conducted by Wendy Bamonte, Lake Oswego, OR

June 1: Kantorei Choral Society conducted by John Morgan, Calgary, AB, Canada

June 9: Opus 24 conducted by Ted Hesse, Decatur, IL

June 23: Perform International Festival Chorus conducted by Dr. Gene Peterson, Assisi, Italy

Commissioning Consortium Members

Arlington Master Chorale  conducted by Randy Jordan, Arlington, TX

Festival Singers of Florida conducted by Dr. Kevin Fenton, Lakeland, FL

University of Portland conducted by Dr. David De Lyser, Portland, OR

Des Moines Choral Society conducted by Dr. James Rodde, Des Moines, IA

newVoices Choir conducted by Dr. Phillip Swan, Appleton, WI

Cherry Creek Chorale conducted by Brian Leatherman, Cherry Hills Village, CO

Chorale Midwest conducted by Dr. Bradley Barrett, Cedar Rapids, IA

Two Rivers Chorale conducted by Timothy Sawyer, St. Paul, MN

Master Singers conducted by Dr. Gary Schwartzhoff, Eau Claire, WI

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