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Measure Me, Sky!

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for SATB Chorus and Piano

also available in SSAA

Poem by Leonora Speyer

Published with Elaine Hagenberg Music

Measure Me, Sky! SATB Hagenberg

Measure Me, Sky! encourages singers to take hold of their limitless potential. Ascending vocal lines stretch across a driving accompaniment, as if reaching out to grasp the expanse depicted in Leonora Speyer's rapturous poem. This impassioned piece builds through key changes and several returns of the opening material before arriving at its brilliant final chord, reflecting "Loveliness, wings for my flight"! A thrilling concert opener or closer!

Blue Skies

Measure me, sky!
Tell me I reach by a song
Nearer the stars;
I have been little so long.

Horizon, reach out!
Catch at my hands,

stretch me taut,
Rim of the world:
Widen my eyes by a thought.

Sky, be my depth,
Wind, be my width

and my height,
World, my heart’s span;
Loveliness, wings for my flight.

"Deep Peace" by Elaine Hagenberg
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"Measure Me, Sky!" SATB by Elaine Hagenberg
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