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Awake, My Soul

for SATB Chorus and Piano

Based on Psalm 57: 8-11

Published with Beckenhorst Press

Awake, My Soul Hagenberg

A brilliant, pulsating piano introduction announces the dawn and invites the voices to join with escalating calls to "Awake, my soul!" As the pulsing continues, the vocal counterpoint gives way to the chordal acclamation, "I will awaken the dawn!" This setting of Psalm 57:8-11 requires an above average accompanist and an energetic choir, but the artistic result will be worth the effort. 

Awake, my soul, awake!

I will awaken the dawn!

Be exalted, O God, among the heavens; let Thy glory

be over all the earth. 

For Thy steadfast

mercy is great, 

Thy faithfulness 

reaches to the skies.

"Awake, My Soul" by Elaine Hagenberg
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