from "Illuminare"


for SATB chorus and piano 

optional chamber orchestra or string orchestra accompaniments

Text by Saint Ambrose

Published by Elaine Hagenberg Music.

EH1012 Splendor.png

 Splendor, the first movement from Illuminare, opens in a majestic and bright D major. A radiant flurry of sixteenth notes heralds the arrival of Light before the voices enter in powerful unison and the Ambrosian hymn text bursts into a punctuated and joyful “Gloriae” section. After a brief legato passage, the music returns to the joyful rhythmic momentum heard in the beginning. A great concert opener or festival selection, Splendor will highlight your musicians' power and sensitivity in equal turn! 

Illuminare cover blank.png

Splendor paternae gloriae,

de luce lucem proferens,

lux lucis et fons luminis,

diem dies illuminans.

Splendor of God's glory,
brings forth light from light,
light of light,

light's living spring,

Day, all days illuminates.

"Deep Peace" by Elaine Hagenberg
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