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Songs from Silence

1. Song of My Heart

2. Stir the Embers

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for SA, TB, or SATB choruses

Texts by Brian Newhouse

Published by Elaine Hagenberg Music.

Songs from Silence Hagenberg

These short companion pieces with texts by Brian Newhouse are a complimentary gift to the choral community and designed to be flexible and adaptable for a variety of choral ensembles. As you sing, feel free to experiment with different voice combinations, repeat sections, add new dynamics, or even create your own descant.

These pieces can be sung either in person or in virtual rehearsals by singing with the recording of the Wartburg Choir conducted by Dr. Lee Nelson.

Forest Mist

1. If the song of my heart falls silent,

sing to me.

2. When our voices stir the embers,

my heart remembers

our song again.

"Songs from Silence" by Elaine Hagenberg
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