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Discussion Guide

You are invited to download complimentary discussion guides that include biographical information about the poet, my compositional inspiration, and reflective questions to take your singers beyond the notes and rhythms. 


I hope these resources will add meaningful dialogue in your rehearsals!

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By submitting this form, you will have instant access to this complimentary resource. 

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Nox, the third movement from Illuminare, offers your singers a thrilling and satisfying vocal experience from start to finish. Sensing an ominous shadow on the horizon, the choir sings the traditional Kyrie text. Then, a percussive B-minor blast of fury disrupts the world as the text turns to “Nox et tenebrae” (night and darkness). Accented rhythms and mixed meter further create chaos, confusion, and despair. With its dynamic range and rhythmic intensity, Nox is a great contrast piece for concerts or festivals. Scored for piano and percussion or chamber orchestra accompaniments.

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