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Swifter Than Flame

available soon

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for SSAA chorus and piano

Also Available SATB

Poem by Carl John Bostelmann
Elaine Hagenberg Music - EH1023




Swifter Than Flame invites singers to explore the vast unknown in exhilarating ascent! Rapidly layered vocal entrances and racing sixteenth notes in the piano propel the journey, while text painting lends itself to expressive phrasing. With a brief reflective section of awe and wonder, this dramatic concert selection concludes with a final adventurous launch into “timeless flight!”


Swifter than flame, prevailing tempests race Along the lifted steel that bars their way. From solid street up to the shore of space, Each granite edifice transcends the day. Tower on tower reach a final rung From which winged feet step upward out of night– To find again forgotten planets hung In orbits measuring a timeless flight. - Carl John Bostelmann

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