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The Music of Stillness

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for SATB Chorus and Piano

Text by Sara Teasdale
Oxford University Press - 9780193517929


Sara Teasdale's poem There Will Be Rest frames this stunning piece for mixed divisi choirs. Soaring choral phrases conjure up images of "stars shining, rooftops covered with snow, crystal peace . . . finding the music of stillness." Following a serene opening, the piece rises and falls through affecting climaxes as well as passages of great tranquility, ending with the same sense of stillness with which it begins.


There will be rest, and sure stars shining Over the roof-tops crowned with snow, A reign of rest, serene forgetting, The music of stillness holy and low. I will make this world of my devising Out of a dream in my lonely mind. I shall find the crystal of peace, – above me Stars I shall find. - Sara Teasdale

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