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for ssaa chorus

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for SSAA Chorus, Piano, and Cello

 Also available SATB

Poem by Sara Teasdale
Hinshaw Music - 00368290


For me, singing has often been an expression of joy, but also a comfort during times of uncertainty or fear. In “Refuge,” the piano frantically races out of control as the cello becomes the voice of heartache and despair. As the poetry unfolds, the choir sings of crushed dreams, confusion, and a yearning for help. But through singing, we can turn our eyes from the surrounding darkness, and lift our voices to offer comfort, beauty and hope.


From my spirit's gray defeat, From my pulse's flagging beat, From my hopes that turned to sand Sifting through my close-clenched hand, From my own fault's slavery, If I can sing, I still am free. For with my singing I can make A refuge for my spirit's sake, A house of shining words, to be My fragile immortality. - Sara Teasdale

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