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Oh, Think of Me

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for SSA Chorus and Piano

Text by Frances Anne Kemble
G. Schirmer - 50600674


The simple beauty of a sunrise, a summer breeze, or evening stars can evoke memories of a loved one. “Oh, Think of Me” was inspired by a poem by Frances Anne Kemble to honor the life of fourteen-year-old Joshua Becker. Although the dissonances may remind us of the heartache of saying goodbye, the resolutions and ascending piano lines uplift the soul and return our thoughts to memories of joy. This piece should be sung with rubato, striving for moments of reflection through long beautiful lines and gently tapered phrases at each cadence.


When the dawn O'er hill and dale Throws her bright veil, Oh, think of me! ​ When the rain With starry showers Fills all the flowers, Oh, think of me! When the laugh With silver sound Goes echoing round, Oh, think of me! When the wind Sweeps along, Loud and strong, Oh, think of me! When the earth Sleeping sound Swings round and round, Oh, think of me! When the night With solemn eyes Looks from the skies, Oh, think of me! - Frances Anne Kemble

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