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My Companion

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for SATB a cappella Chorus

Text by Edith Franklin Wyatt
Oxford University Press - 9780193527515


This is a tender setting of a text by American poet Edith Franklin Wyatt that speaks of companionship and the joys of sharing it as we travel along the road of life. Hagenberg employs her characteristically rich harmonic language to create a piece with great depth and beauty.


You are my companion Down the silver road, Still and many-changing, Infinitely changing. You are my companion. Something sings in lives— Days of walking on and on, Deep beyond all singing, Wonderful past singing. Wonderful our road, Long and many-changing, Infinitely changing. This, more wonderful— We are here together, You and I together, I am your companion; You are my companion, My own, true companion. Let the road-side fade: Morning on the mountain-top, Hours along the valley, Days of walking on and on, Pulse away in silence, In eternal silence. Let the world all fade, Break and pass away. Yet will this remain, Deep beyond all singing, My own true companion, Beautiful past singing: We were here together— On this earth together; I was your companion, You were my companion. - Edith Franklin Wyatt

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