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I Will Be a Child of Peace

for ttbb chorus

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for TTBB Chorus and Piano

Also available SATB or SSA

Traditional Shaker Hymn
Beckenhorst Press - CU1051


I Will Be a Child of Peace is an arrangement of the Shaker Hymn tune, O Holy Father, which has been attributed to Alonzo Gilman of the Shaker Community in Alfred, Maine in 1851. I was originally drawn to this song by the beautiful simplicity of the Shaker melody, unique 5/4 meter, and most importantly, the uplifting text of a prayer for peace and purity. This piece is particularly suitable for times of uncertainty. Perfect as a warm, affirmative call or response to prayer.


O Holy Father I will be a child of peace and purity. For well I know Thy hand will bless the seeker after righteousness. - traditional Shaker hymn

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