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I Am the Wind

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for SSAA Chorus and Piano

Text by Zöe Atkins
Elaine Hagenberg Music - EH1003


In this piece, poet Zöe Atkins compares her uncertainty to the wavering winds and shifting shadows, contrasting with the unchanging stars and secure land. This poetic tension is mirrored musically through rhythmic contrast and dissonant choral harmonies which highlight the power of women’s voices—joining together, offering strength and, ultimately, soaring as one. Commissioned by the National ACDA Women’s Choir Consortium, this piece is a rewarding challenge for advanced women’s choirs.


I am the wind that wavers, You are the certain land; I am the shadow that passes Over the sand. I am the leaf that quivers, You the unshaken tree; You are the stars that are steadfast, I am the sea. You are the light eternal— Like a torch I shall die; You are the surge of deep music, I but a cry! - Zöe Atkins

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