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A Farewell

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for SATB a cappella Chorus

Poem by Frances Anne Kemble
Oxford University Press - 9780193522664


English poet Frances Ann Kemble (1809-1893) penned the poem An Entreaty as a description of leaving behind a beloved time and place. Children are often enchanted by nature, and the beauty and descriptive imagery in this poem returns us to our youth. The overall arc of the composition is based on lyrical lines and lush harmonies, while gentle dissonances and suspensions create a sense of yearning– for as often as we look on memories with happiness, we cannot deny the bittersweet truth of parting with simpler times and the loved ones of our past. This poem granted me a glimpse into my childhood of woodlands and wildflowers, and is an invitation for others to also reflect on "echoes sweet," and a time to which they have said farewell.


Once more, once more into the sunny fields Oh, let me stray! And drink the joy that young existence yields On a bright, cloudless day. Once more let me behold the summer sky, With its blue eyes, And join the wild wind's voice of melody, As far and free it flies. Once more, once more, oh let me stand and hear The gushing spring, As its bright drops fall starlike, fast and clear, And in the sunshine sing. - Frances Anne Kemble

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