Good Night, Love

for SATB Choir

Published with Hinshaw Music


"Good Night, Love" is an enchanting a cappella piece for mixed divisi chorus. The lyrical melodic material and lush harmonic language are inspired by the poem An Evening Song by abolitionist Frances Anne "Fanny" Kemble.

Good night, love! 

May heaven's brightest stars watch over thee! 

Good angels spread their wings, and cover thee; 

And through the night, 

So dark and still, 

Spirits of light 

Charm thee from ill! 

My heart is hovering round thy dwelling-place, 

Good night, dear love! God bless thee with His grace! 

Good night, love! 

Soft lullabies the night-wind sing to thee! 

And on its wings sweet odours bring to thee; 

And in thy dreaming 

May all things dear, 

With gentle seeming, 

Come smiling near! 

My knees are bowed, my hands are clasped in prayer— 

Good night, dear love! God keep thee in His care!